Living with Purpose

Are you struggling with balance in your personal life and career?

If you’re ready to start changing the direction of your life,  this one on one mentorship was made for you! 

I am here to help you believe in your abilities and gain the confidence to climb over obstacles in every part of your life. You don’t have to stay stagnant because someone once told you that’s where you belonged. You are capable and worthy of achievement.

After educating many technical classes for the past three years, I’ve realized what’s missing in this industry. I decided to create a more personalized experience to deal with four skills that are imperative for a more fulfilling life and career: balance, connection, focus and proper boundaries.



A lot of people don’t reach their goals because of their own comfort zones. The fear of the unknown or “what ifs” can consume your brain and eventually take over. Where does this leave you? Broken down, confused and stagnant. 


How do we get better?

How do we change and start to become the person we actually want to be and were made to be?

Course Name-1Imagine living a life where you can see joy, feel fulfillment from something other than work, and you can set your past down to focus on a brighter future. 

Living With Purpose Mentorship

You will experience change in these areas:

  • How to separate emotional reaction and turn it into action. 
  • Balance and boundaries- we know this is important, but how can you implement this correctly in both your career and personal life so you actually have room to grow, without feeling overwhelmed? 
  • Moving on, even when it’s still painful- maybe you’re still right in the middle of it. The worst part of your life is still consuming you. Learn to push this energy into a place that will continue to move your life forward instead of holding you back. 

Finding right where you want to be- it may take failure first, but unless you try new things, nothing changes. If you truly want something different for yourself, it’s time to take a few jumps and leaps!

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What you will receive: 

3 week course customized specifically to your own needs and life situation 

3 one on one 90 minute sessions via zoom 

Weekly assignments to help encourage and identify your strengths 

Tips on how to make a successful 2 year plan 

How to work through brain conflict 

How to begin recovery after trauma 

Finding resolution for uneasiness in your life 

Guidance to become the best stylist you can be



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