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No need to tell you that you want to be the best business owner you can be.

You probably already know that running an efficient salon is the key to running a profitable salon. 

You also probably know that this is a heavily saturated industry in which you need to stand out, not only in your client experience but in your marketing efforts in order for your business to gain exposure.


Here’s what you may not know:

Even if you are lucky enough to already have your own business, having the knowledge to scale your business and have consistent growth can:

Create a more profitable business - 

The more your business brings in, the more you can invest back into your business. This is not about greed. It is about being able to have the financial freedom to elevate the experience for your clients and staff. 

Build a self sufficient brand -

Most salon owners are creatives. Managing and delegating don’t always come easy. With the right systems and staff in place, your business can run like a well oiled machine with very little to manage yourself by setting expectations and training those around you to work and lead with confidence.

Create a positive atmosphere for your team -

The more revenue your business brings in, the more benefits you can offer your team. Flatten that turn over rate! There’s no better way to show your team you appreciate their hard work by offering paid vacation time or health benefits. It’s no surprise that this is hard to come by in this industry. Think about how great it would feel to be able to give that to your team. 

Help your team get up to 90% booked -

(We promise there’s a good reason why you don’t want to be 100% booked. But we’ll get into that later). However, if you are taking the time to market your salon correctly, you will not only be gaining eyes on your business but converting them into clients for your team.

Gain more of a life/work balance -

Who wants to work 6 or 7 days a week to make ends meet? No one we know! As an owner it’s easy to take on ALL the tasks. You can eliminate so much off your plate with the right team and systems. Relieving yourself of stress, guilt, and that “there's not enough hours in the day” feeling.


Here’s why more salon owners never change how they run their business and unfortunately are never able to scale their business either. It’s based on the fear that change will disrupt your team and the client's current experience. 

That there isn’t enough time in the day for you to take clients, book appointments, order product, organize inventory, market you salon and team on top of being a family woman or having any type of life outside of work.

That as a business owner you feel guilty ever leaving the salon in worry that it will fall apart if you’re gone.

Get rid of all those feelings of worry, guilt, and stress by taking the time to actually create a plan and implement it in the most efficient way possible. It’s time to be the boss babe you are and elevate your business to heights you have yet to even dream!



This five-week program is designed to present helpful information to you in an easily digestible way!

Each one-on-one coaching call is completely customized to your specific business needs. With the purchase of this program, you will receive:


FREE 1 Hour Assessment Call

Personalized PDF Workbook

Additional Guides + Templates

Continued Email Support




Ashley Smith (SALT’s Administrative Director) and Sarah Fasolo (SALT’s Marketing + Social Media Manager) are teaming up to share all of their business knowledge from their experience at SALT Hair and prior! Both Ashley and Sarah have a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing and have been able to utilize those backgrounds within the salon and hair industry.

As the Admin Director of all SALT Brands, Ashley started with the company in 2015 where she helped develop and enforce all of the salon systems and policies the salon currently uses today!

Sarah has been the Marketing Manager for SALT since early 2018 where she has helped create and cultivate the visual branding you see on social media, our website, and all other marketing.

Together they will dive into topics from how to set up your salon systems and hiring, to how to create your salon culture, and attract your ideal clientele. Not only will they walk you through these processes but will show you how to communicate these changes effectively with your entire team! 


Run the salon of your dreamsIn just 5 weeksDouble your profit and efficiencyWithout feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or lacking confidence in your managing abilities.-3

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"After talking with the incredible Salt babes Sarah and Ashley in our first coaching call, they helped me with things I didn’t even know I needed guidance on. Every topic I wanted to discuss was thoroughly processed and helped me gain much understanding for the next steps I needed to take for my business. Every time it helps bring me to the next level of understanding how to be a good salon owner, leader, coach, coworker and friend. I recommend this to any hair stylist or industry specialist looking for direction with your business whether it has to do with leadership, financials, booking, building, or finding your thriving area of business. Thank you Salt for all of the amazing guidance throughout the growth of my business! " - Analise (Owner of Lucas and Co.)


We will only be enrolling 4 students per month in this exclusive program. If you are interested in moving forward with our business consulting program, please fill out the intake form attached below.