If you're a...

Salon or suite owner and still behind the chair looking to achieve business success while simultaneously gaining more time for you and your family...

Thank you already know that you need to take the time now to create a concrete plan for your business!

We'll spare you the break down... for now.


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Here’s why most salon owners never change how they run their business and unfortunately are never able to scale their business either. It’s based on the fear that change will disrupt your team and the client's current experience. 

That there isn’t enough time in the day for you to take clients, book appointments, order product, organize inventory, market you salon and team on top of being a family woman or having any type of life outside of work.

That as a business owner you feel guilty ever leaving the salon in worry that it will fall apart if you’re gone.

Get rid of all those feelings of worry, guilt, and stress by taking the time to actually create a plan and implement it in the most efficient way possible. It’s time to be the boss babe you are and elevate your business to heights you have yet to even dream!


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This five-week program is designed to present helpful information to you in an easily digestible way!

Each one-on-one coaching call is completely customized to your specific business needs. With the purchase of this program, you will receive:


FREE 1 Hour Assessment Call

Personalized PDF Workbook

Additional Guides + Templates

Continued Email Support



Ashley Smith (SALT’s Administrative & HR Director) and Sarah Fasolo (SALT’s Marketing + Social Media Manager) are teaming up to share all of their business knowledge from their experience at SALT Hair and prior! Both Ashley and Sarah have a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Marketing and have been able to utilize those backgrounds within the salon and hair industry.

As the Admin Director of all SALT Brands, Ashley started with the company in 2015 where she helped develop and enforce all of the salon systems and policies the salon currently uses today!

Sarah has been the Marketing Manager for SALT since early 2018 where she has helped create and cultivate the visual branding you see on social media, our website, and all other marketing.

Together they will dive into topics from how to set up your salon systems and hiring, to how to create your salon culture, and attract your ideal clientele. Not only will they walk you through these processes but will show you how to communicate these changes effectively with your entire team!



Q: who is this program good for?

A: For salon/suite owners looking to put in the work to grow and change their business. or for those looking to start a salon business and learn the SYSTEMS and STRATEGIES to do so.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: yes, there are two options you can choose from!

Q: How much of my time will this take up?

A: Over five weeks we will have five 1-hour calls. There will be additional worksheets and PREPPING we will ask you to do. But it shouldn't take up much of your time.

Q: What will I learn after by the end of this program?

A: it is different for each student, due to the program being completely SPECIALIZED based on your needs and goals. However, we can cover in depth these topics:

  • Salon policies + Systems
  • Employee handbooks + Contracts
  • Hiring + TRAINING
  • salon culture
  • Front desk management
  • Financial planning + pricing structure
  • Marketing + Branding STRATEGIES
  • Time management


We will only be enrolling 4 students per month in this exclusive program. If you are interested in moving forward with our business consulting program, please fill out the intake form attached below.