Salon Strategy Session

One hour of salon business strategy designed specifically to help YOU reach your goals.

Now it's time to put what you learned into actionable steps to reduce your overhead expenses and GROW you net income!

Not sure where to start?

Our team of Salon Consultants are here to coach you through a personalized process to effectively enhance your business. Sign up now for a customized one-on-one (60 mins) zoom strategy session!

Introducing your personal salon business and marketing gurus (and yes, that’s our unofficial/official titles)

We’ll get to introducing ourselves a little bit later, we want to start by showing off our salon business super powers!

"When I say that Sarah and Ashley are very very knowledgeable about all things business, I can not express that enough at all. It amazed me how simple they made everything. I’m so glad that I did this.”

Morgan W Tease Hair Design Studio

Salon Owner Testimonial
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Rewind to three years ago, we implemented strategies that created a massively successful salon. With that success, we knew we had a secret sauce that most salons were missing. 

Our next step.. we need to share that sh*t with the world!

Here are what most salons owners are struggling with:

  • They don’t prioritize their own income
  • They think their business has to be open 24/7 in order to make a profit
  • They think the more retail options equals more retail sales
  • They think they will lose business if they start implementing client policies

Okay, now it’s time to tell you a little bit about who we are!

Ashley Smith

(SALT’s Administrative & HR Director) 

I started with the company in 2015 where I've helped develop all of the salon systems, policies, hiring, and developing goals setting structures for our team! With a degree in Business Management, I'm excited to bring your one of our favorite tools for helping business succeed!


Sarah Fasolo

(SALT’s Marketing Manager) 

I've been the Marketing Manager for SALT Brands since early 2018. Using my degree in Business Marketing and Management has helped me create and cultivate the visual branding you see on SALT's social media, our website, and all other marketing platforms. I can't wait to see how this tool changes your business!

Together, we’re Ashley and Sarah,

And now here’s the magic we create together. We help stressed out and overwhelmed salon owners transform into confident, badass, profitable, money makers! 💪

Now let’s talk about YOUR transformation.

If you are someone who...

  • Avoids looking at your expenses and income
  • Instantly starts to stress when thinking about the numbers of your business
  • Feels ashamed that you don’t understand your overhead

And you would rather be someone who…

  • Feels confidence in their salon numbers
  • Knows immediately how to cut costs
  • Shows up as a badass profitable money maker
Salon Strategy Session

Normally our one-on-one coaching mentorship is valued at over $3,000 and is well worth it based off the transformations that we’ve seen.

But today we are offering you this particular piece of the puzzle that’s going to help you IMMEDIATELY.

This one hour call will get you closer to becoming less stressed out and overwhelmed and more of a confident, badass, profitable, money maker! And who doesn't want that?

Dive into one of the following topics:

  • Salon policies + Systems
  • Employee handbooks + Contracts
  • Hiring + TRAINING
  • salon culture
  • Front desk management
  • Financial planning + pricing structure
  • Marketing + Branding STRATEGIES
  • Time management
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We want you to imagine what it would feel like to be proud of yourself. Like REALLY proud of yourself. You’ve gotten over the feeling of not understanding your numbers, and you have a clear and concrete plan for your business.

You go home at night knowing you can provide for your family and that following your dream of opening your salon was SO worth it.

Because now that you know your numbers, you can also plan ahead. Which means, more beautiful experiences that you get to share with your family outside of work.

Being a business owner to your dream business is exactly how you envisioned it to be.

You're financially stable, you’re confident, and you’re a damn good business owner.

It’s time to join the list of successful salon owners and renters that we've helped enhance their business!

Salon Strategy Session (4)
Sarah and Ashley Helped me by gaining a further understanding of my finical salon expenses + income goal setting with my team and myself. Organizations systems with the front desk and my inventory. Helped me cut down my salon overhead!! They have helped me by giving me confidence in stepping into my salon manager role.
Within weeks of implementing the organized structure and goal setting, I’ve been able to show up for my team and for my family without feeling burnt out.
If you are a salon owner or thinking about opening a salon, studio suite, or want to fine tune the structure you already have, please I can’t speak enough of these amazing women!

Raquel Volpe Salt Of The Earth Salon

Salon Owner Testimonial