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Analise Lucas

Analise Lucas

"Deep down, I think I have truly always wanted to teach. I have been educating for years in salons and teams I’ve been apart of without even realizing I desired to teach. This caused me to gain a spark for sharing this craft. 

I love being an educator because I love to touch other’s lives and teach what I have learned! I love that we all have unique things to share and teach each other, and it’s an honor to be able to do that with hair education. I love to teach about products, formulas, and new techniques to help other stylists on their path, and I am also a nerd when it comes to business methods and entrepreneurship. To see someone else perk up at something you teach is the best to see!

Students who sign up for my classes can expect realness and joy, a chill vibe, and lots of golden information! I love helping others and showing what has worked in my experience throughout my own career. I love to share nerdy info about hair techniques and I think that practice makes perfect—so let’s share, learn, and practice together!"

About Ana
  • Social: @lucasandco_
  • Owner of Lucas + Co, located in Sacramento, CA
  • In the industry for over 11 years
  • Specializes in guest experience and lived-in natural color with babylights and balayage
  • Aquarius
  • "Favorite thing to do in my spare time are walk my dog on the trail with my husband, play guitar, and drink margaritas with friends!"


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