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Corrine Anderson

Corrine Anderson

"Have you ever talk to someone so passionate about something they can’t shut up about it? That’s me when it comes to painting. I couldn’t help but want to share all the career-shifting information I was learning, so I started organizing classes of my own!

Beyond my initial desire to want to share and set fire to the things I’m passionate about, I live to inspire growth and betterment. By teaching new skills and techniques, I can help make stylists more confident behind the chair, and know that it will spread into other areas of their lives!

My students can expect to walk away with lots of new insight! Insight on how to physically achieve the lived-in looks your clients are asking for, and insight on your own endless potential as an artist and person. I promise to encourage, support and help you achieve the combination of skill and self-belief you’re looking for. I wholeheartedly believe in ya!"

Travel Society - About Rinnie
  • Social: @rinniemichele
  • Owner of Fika, located in Hatboro, PA
  • In the industry for over 11 years
  • Specializes in painting, lightness and depth, and tone
  • Aries
  • "Favorite thing to do in my spare time are spending time outdoors, hiking gardening, or just relaxing with friends and family"

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